Yury was born and spent his childhood in the Kaliningrad, previously known as Konigsberg. Inspired by the European and Soviet Union heritage of his city and being exposed to 90s American and European cult films, Yury developed his taste and decided to be a director at the age of 14. After years of shooting and editing videos with like-minded friends, Yury moved to London where he studied the technical side of filmmaking and made his first short film. After graduating, Yury worked as an independent director/editor on promos and brand videos with companies such as News UK, Smalls and La Plage. All these skills gave Yury the opportunity to direct his own short films which gained recognition worldwide, such as the Golden Lion award at the British Independent Film Festival.

During his career as a director, Yury directed several music videos with artists such as Benedict Cork, Evelin Trouble, 12 limbs and even commercials for brands such as Puma and Nike.

In 2020, Yury was approached to make a feature documentary about the football club Krasnodar during the Champions League where the team competed against Chelsea, Sevilla and Rennes. The film was a massive success in the world of sport documentaries and scored 7.9 from 8000 votes. Straight after finishing the film, Yury was given the opportunity to direct his first narrative feature film “About Love,” which was a story he had been developing for the last several years.

In terms of visuals, Yury has a very dynamic yet cinematic, almost meditative style. Narrative wise, he is quite classical since his main source of inspiration comes from classic 90s films. Yury’s greatest inspiration for visual story telling include Baz Luhrmann, Wong Kar-Wai and Gaspar Noe. Yury has always been open to exploring different visual styles and finding new ways to create interesting visuals with a human story at it’s core. Yury’s distinct voice and unique style is identifiable in all his works.